A Christmas to Remember

Publisher’s Note

If you ask the average person about Christmas, they’ll tell you it is a holiday we celebrate once a year with tinsel, lights and a Christmas tree. Of course, we as believers know it is something far more than that. It’s a time when thoughts of a stable, hay and manger fill the air–a time when memories of Christmas past, present, and future envelop our very being. Most importantly though, Christmas is a time for us to focus on, not only the birth of God’s only begotten–the Christ Child, but also the complete work of our Savior and Lord. A Christmas to Remember brings all of these special things to light. Claire Cloninger and Gary Rhodes have created a warm, memorable message in this musical that will cause each of us to take a fresh look at the timeless truth of Christmas. The powerful message of the Gospel is effectively woven into this musical, making it an excellent outreach tool for your church.

A Christmas to Remember is  filled with a great combination of carols, well-know seasonal songs, and newly written material


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