Benevolence Ministry

Food Assistance

Through the help of our members, the community, and the Golden Harvest Food Bank, we are able to stock our Food Pantry and meet most of the food needs of our community.  Our Benevolence Team organizes and fills the boxes for food requests.  The requests are taken at the church office (Assistance Information Form) and then referred to the Benevolence Team. Call 803-279-2821 for assistance.

Handyman Ministry

This is a helps ministry serving widows, single ladies, and senior adults who are in need of minor home repairs or yard work.  It is totally staffed by volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer, you must first fill out the Personal Information Update Form and bring it to the church office. Requests are received through the church office and sent to the ministry leader who assigns them to a volunteer. To make a request, print and fill out the online request form and bring it to the office or drop by the office and fill out the form. (Request for Volunteer Assistance Form and Release Indemnity Agreement Form)